Pancho, the most famous dog in Spain will be the leading star in his own adventure film.

Pancho, Spain´s most famous dog, will become the leading star in Four Luck Banana's first film project.

Proximately, Four Luck Banana will announce the names of the director and other leading actors next to Pancho.

Pancho - better known as the dog from the famous Spanish lottery commercials, that suddenly decides to disappear with the winning lottery ticket in search of a better life after having served his master with "extreme" efficiency - will be the leading star in this family movie, packed with adventure and hilarious situations. 

Thanks to a sofisticated labor of post-production audience will witness how Pancho handles with amazing dexterity very "human" situations.

According to Robert Fonollosa, one of the producers of the film, the project is already causing great expectation in Spanish media due to a shortage of family films in Spanish cinema and because of Pancho´s high commercial potential in- and outside our frontiers.