Medical Challenges

Breathtaking stories about the struggle of patients and doctors to unravel strange illnesses.

"MEDICAL CHALLENGES" is a new type of programme that mixes the informing of medical information with research through rigorous reconstructions based on real life cases.

Each edition of MEDICAL CHALLENGES includes original recordings in real places and the latest generation 3D images of the inside of the human body...

These images are part of a very comprehensive archive available for development into each country¬ís customised format.The advance of science throws up previously unknown illnesses, on an almost daily basis. "MEDICAL CHALLENGES" converts these into a series of new, breathtaking programmes. 

(c) 2007 Four Luck Banana. International Distribution: Off The Fence

Broadcast: FORTA (Telemadrid, CMT, ETB, IB3,TV Canarias, Canal 9 13x30'