Lost in Rio

10 Celebrities "lost" in the fabulous Brazilian ciy of Rio de Janeiro during next year's carnival. 

LOST IN RIO features 10 celebrities "lost" in the fabulous Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro during next year’s carnival.  With the concept of a recorded reality game show, the 10 celebrity participants will have to pass a number of tests in the streets of Rio, initially in pairs, in order to prevent their weekly elimination.

The last four participants will have to tackle their tests individually. They are competing for a cash prize and the honour of parading in a featured position in the Sambodrome during the carnival celebrations. Four Luck Banana has arranged the backing of the most prestigious samba schools in Rio de Janeiro for this event.

Four Luck Banana proposes the future continuation of this format in other cities around the world. 

 (c) Four Luck Banana, 2010