Clean Slate

A reality show "behind bars"

The world is full of people who are desperately seeking a 2ndopportunity after having messed up badly. "CLEAN SLATE" will offer some of these individuals the 2nd opportunity they are looking for, but, NOT JUST LIKE THAT...

This reality show/contest lets viewers send a number of ordinary members of the public to prison.Once there, they must serve a 3 month sentence, complying with all the harsh laws and duties, imposed by a detention centre and demonstrate they really regret what they’ve done and firmly wish to change their conduct in the future.

At the end of the sentence, the viewers will choose the winner of the show, who will be rewarded with a large cash prize, as well as a "CLEAN SLATE" and "unconditional freedom".

A prime-time weekly 90-minute show, with daily updates. Production Bible available.

(c) Four Luck Banana, 2008